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If you are looking for a program geared towards children that want to have fun while learning, you've chosen the right program!

This program is specifically designed for children ages 4-14 and is taught in a unique way where children are encouraged to have fun. Many martial arts programs are taught in a very strenuous and strict environment - whereas we believe that if children enjoy what they are doing, they will learn more, have more confidence in themselves, and gain more as an individual.

This program is more than just kick, punch, and yell. It targets many building blocks for children today; respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, leadership, but most of all family involvement.

You'll be glad to know, that safety and dealing with strangers is also incorporated into the program. Our director has many years of law enforcement experience and he has made child's safety a priority in our program. A child's best defense is being prepared. We will prepare the students by teaching them awareness, avoiding dangerous situations and how to defend themselves in various situations.

We encourage you and your child to have fun throughout the session and learn as much as you can.

The Kid's Karate Club Store offers a variety of products for students to be comfortable in class, help them develop and prepare them to succeed in the martial arts.